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Gloralea King

October 15, 2007 on 10:41 pm | In Pinay Model, Pinay Entertainer | 1 Comment

Here’s a short profile about Filipino-Australian Gloralea King. Her picture made an appearance before in the picture for the Model Quest 2007 blog post. I know as much as I asked her in the YouTube video below - but digging around the WWW I managed to find out more about her. Her bio on her website says: “Gloralea pronounced Glora-lee was derived from her parents name, and as unique as it sounds, suits her strikingly unusual Eurasian appearance (mixed Australian Filipina). Gloralea King was born and raised in Camden NSW is an inspiring vivacious talented young lady who has a love of the stage whether it be singing, acting, modeling, or beauty pageants. On the topic of beauty pageants Gloralea currently holds the title on Miss Philippines Australia 2006 and was a national finalist in the Miss World 2007 competition. Gloralea King is currently studying acting at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney Australia and has ambitions to become an actress in the near future.” A clearer video of her YouTube video below can be seen on Revver.

You can see nice fashion pictures taken of her when she was in Philippines here and here. And another picture of her taken when she was going for Miss World Australia 2007.

Gloralea is organising a fundraising event this Friday (19th October 2007) in Sydney. It’s for a good cause entitled “Eyes of Hope” and is an Adolescent mental health charity concert. She’s raising money for the Gna Ka Lun Adolescent Mental Health Inpatient Unit in Campbelltown Hospital. It’s on at 19th October 2007 7.30pm at Campbelltown RSL Club and features Israel, LAWSON, Paul Kleynjan, Lillian De Los Reyes, Eleazar Arranz, Roxanne Castro, Lewiis, Sara Jones and Gloralea King as the acts. You can buy a ticket online and you can read the flyer.

Gloralea King also features in this music video by Eleazar Arranz:

Joanna Bacalso

October 10, 2007 on 8:12 am | In Pinay Actress | Add Your Comment Joanna Bacalso

Do you remember watching Snow Dogs (2002)? You know, that Disney movie with Cuba Gooding Jr. Well Joanna Bacalso was that chick starring beside him as the love interest. She was Barb in that movie. I couldn’t find anything about her. Nothing under portfolio, profile or agents - even nude searches just turned up with porn sites. IMDB doesn’t have anything from her except her filmography, that she was born in Philippines, so I guess shes 100% filipina? And she’s married to Matthew Garel since 1998 with one child. I’m surprised that there isn’t anything more on this sexy and elegant Filipina actress. Her latest movie is Mysterious (as Sherry Pace). She also starred in 2004 movie My Baby’s Daddy. Bascalso’s other movie roles include Bedazzled, Gangland, Dude, Where’s my car? and Woo. However I did find something. I think she is into photography now and has a business called, “Joanna Garel Foto”. This website notes this in their profile about the business:

“Joanna started her career as a model/actress. She discovered she loved
being behind the camera 7 years ago and started shooting family and friends.
Referrals came in abundance and since then her clients have included:
AT&T, SURFER Magazine, FORD MODEL MANAGEMENT and numerous clients for headshots, weddings, fashion as well as Industrial Photography with Mike Bubalo Construction. Joanna loves to make people look good and she believes
this is only accomplished with her natural ability for making people
comfortable when working in front of the camera,  she loves to create a naturally fun environment for her subjects and clients .”

Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of Joanna Bacalso in future…

Continue reading Joanna Bacalso…

Natassia Malthe Nude

October 8, 2007 on 10:29 am | In Pinay Actress, Pinay Model | Add Your Comment Natassia Malthe Nude

We’re revisiting Natassia Malthe (nude!). We first covered Natassia last week. This time we’re going to look at her acting career. Malthe has been in quite a few movies and TV shows.  Sometimes she is credit as Natasha Malthe or Lina Teal. She was in ‘DOA: Dead or Alive’ (2006) as Ayane (The purple haired girl), you know that video game movie with Jaime Pressly, Devon Aoki and Holly Valance. Her latest movie is more of a drama and is yet to come out: ‘The Other Side of the Tracks’ where she plays Lucinda. She played a small role in ‘Sex and Death 101′ (2007) as Bambi (the movie also had Winona Ryder). Natassia Malthe also starred in some Sci-fi shows as well like “The Dead Zone”, “Dark Angel” and “Andromeda”. She’s starred in many others but too many to mention here…

Enjoy Natassia Malthe’s beautiful nude photos below. I love how she is just having fun in the photos, wouldn’t you agree? I also like how the hair was done - suits the photoshoot style as it adds volume into the photo.

Swish Hip Hop Dance Group

October 4, 2007 on 2:35 pm | In Pinay Entertainer | Add Your Comment

Swish is a Sydney based Australian-Filipino Hip Hop dance group formed in early 2007. They love to express their energy on the dance floor in a funky, edgy in-your face manner thats is highly entertaining to the audience. They love dancing, being silly and having fun with the whole experience. The dance group is self-choreographed, by various members in the crew. It takes Swish takes about 1.5 months to choreograph one dance with training run twice a week, to get a whole hip hop dance routine down pat. They have about 12 members, and performing in the video below were: Jessica, Deanna, Roni,  Mel, Cyndi, Wilfred, Ray, Gabe, Jason. The video was shot at the Grand Philippine Fiesta Sydney 2007 where they came first in the dancing competition.

The music for Swish was mixed by an ex-member called Ariya aka DJ R.E.R. The average age of their hip hop dance group is around 20. They may be performing in a dance competition called “Looze Control” early next year. Gabriel formed the group, asking around and seeing who was interested in dancing and then they all got together and they’ve been a happy family since.


October 3, 2007 on 4:41 am | In Pinay Entertainer | 3 Comments Iskatchtape

Iskatchtape is an up and coming Aussie-Pinoy (Australian-Filipino) rock band based in Sydney, Australia. They were formed in September 2005 when Tin dela Fuente (lead guitars), Rolando Pereyra jr (bass), Jerald Tuazon (drums) performed their first gig at the Sala Sessions 2005. Then-groupie Maan Sansano (vox) occasionally jammed with the band and became the new front woman for iskatchtape. Tin’s garage would usually be the place where all the action happens. The video below features the band playing at their Sydney Grand Philippine Fiesta 2007 Gig.

Iskatchtape would practice some covers, alter their arrangements, eat to their hearts content, and of course write their original compositions. Tin and Rolly are the main lyricist of the band. The band has been featured on local radio station bfm 100.9mhz and Pinoy TV. Their musical genre / influences include: rock, opm and pinoy rock such as the likes of parokya, eraserheads, led zepplin and more. Yes, they have started writing original compositions. TORPE and LECHE are just some of their original songs recently recorded which you can listen on

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