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Laurie Cadevida

August 1, 2007 on 4:57 pm | In Pinay Actress | Laurie Cadevida

Laurie Cadevida is a musical theatre performer. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is well renowned for her performances as “Kim” in Miss Saigon. Her voice is able to effectively convey the innocence of the character and yet is also capable of expressing the full gamut of emotions experienced by Kim. Laurie Cadevida’s theatre experience includes Miss Saigon; Australian National Tour 2007 (Kim), US National Tour (Kim), and the Armory Theatre (Kim), Aida (Amneris), Lenape PAC (Mimi/Kim u/s), The Pajama Game (Poopsie) and the Robberbride Groom.

Actress Laurie Cadevida, the lead actress in the Australian production of Miss Saigon, poses for a portrait session at the Oaks on Market Hotel on July 12, 2007 in Melbourne, Australia. Cadevida has been in Melbourne performing in the musical for the last month and will continue her tour in Queensland and Sydney before finishing in Australia.

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    1. beautiful girl!! my favorite Kim ever in the MS stage.!!Laurie I saw you in Melbourne. you are amazing both as a singer and an actress.

      Comment by laurie cadevida fan — August 3, 2007 #

    2. Laurie Cadevida - Best Actress in a Musical Awardee for Miss Saigon in Australian (Tony) The Helpmann Awardsin 2007 .I was not surprised. You are a fantastic singer and actress when I saw you in Brisbane, Australia. May you become more successful in your singing and acting career.
      I will be your admirer forever.

      Comment by hollywood reporter — August 31, 2007 #

    3. hello, laurie cadevida:

      we enjoyed watching your you tube. you have an excellent singing voice and acting abilities.

      no wonder you won the Best actress award in Australia for miss saigon: these 2 you tubes will make you go further in your career. you are very talented. good luck.

      Comment by crazy fan of laurie cadevida — September 26, 2007 #

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