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Naughty Vanessa Hudgens

September 11, 2007 on 12:45 am | In Pinay Actress | Naughty Vanessa Hudgens

I’m not sure whether to believe the new stories coming out or not. Has Vanessa Hudgens been naughty all along? A Naughty Vanessa Hudgens? I’m not a believer. But we’ve seen her nude, and that totally came from nowhere. The news says this on the topic of Vanessa’s nude photo scandal - there are more exposed videos and a sex video. A source said that the footage and the photos were sent to Vanessa’s one-time co-star Drake Bell way before she was famous. Bell’s representative Jill Fritzo released a statement that Bell “says he never received those photos”. The sex video is claimed to be a forty-five second clip that is predicted taken by a phone-camera has now erupted online dubbed ‘Open Me First’. The clip shows Vanessa sitting in front of a Christmas tree wearing only a Santa hat, pasties to cover her breasts and a red thong with mistletoe decoration. Slowly Vanessa took off her ‘attributes’ one by one and murmured “I want Santa come up my chimney because I’ve been a good little girl this year.’ at the end of her ’striptease’. Bell is claimed to have received the video via e-mail but once again a rep denied the issue. “Drake never opened the video - first, last, or otherwise,” said a representative. “He learned his lesson about opening email attachments, even from people he knows intimately.” Vanessa played Bell’s girlfriend on his Nickelodeon show in 2006. She is currently dating her High School Musical co-star Zac Efron who has not made any statement regarding his girlfriend’s controversial photos.

So is Vanessa Hudgens really naughty? Time will tell. In the meantime check out a lot of her non-nude and clothes sexy photos. There is a lot of High-resolution photos of her here for you to enjoy.

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    1. they say that zac efron took all tose vanessa hudgens scandals…

      I’m flabbergasted about that


      Comment by Jayne Gonzales — September 11, 2007 #

    2. she’s average, cute, but still average, there’s plenty of girls around my neighborhood that are smokin’ hot, more than this little girl

      what’s the big deal?

      Comment by Zoot — September 23, 2007 #

    3. wut the fuck is everyone’s fucking problem? i don’t see wut the fucking big deal is about? so wut if she starred in Disney’s HSM? we should fucking appreciate her for taking those damn pics. why, you may ask? because it proves that everyone on disney is not innocent as everyone else thought. we got lindsay who went to rehad a gazillion times. and she still has fans. then theres britney whos going to rehad once in awhile and drives her freakin baby in the drivers seat. wut the hell is that about? and she still has supporters. and theres vanessa. im her fan. and she has a whole bunch of others also. and maybe a little more prevs in the mix. so fucking what? everyone makes mistakes. and they get critized in the public eye. yea, we know that but why do we? because she works for disney. no, becuz people are just so damn nosy in other peoples business. so take my advice and shove it up your ass, leave her the hell alone.

      Comment by skyanne — April 3, 2008 #

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