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Vanessa Hudgens Naked

September 8, 2007 on 3:09 am | In Pinay Actress | Vanessa Hudgens Naked

This scandal with Vanessa Hudgens’ naked photos has rocked the online world. Her nude photos have done the rounds… she has even released a statement to apologise but there are rumours flying around the fandom community that loves Vanessa Hudgens to death. The actors, including Hudgens is discussing their contracts for High School Musical 3. Even though Disney is saying they fully back Vanessa I wonder if the negotiations will simply “break down” and then replace her… since Disney would absolutely love to keep their wholesome family image clean and away from the image of one of their young and pretty actresses being naked. Whatever happens to her after Vanessa Hudgens has now been revealed naked remains a mystery. She has received a massive amount of publicity… she can do whatever she wants to make money from that… either going down a line of different kinds of movies… Or maybe have an attitude like Scarlett Johansson (being open minded). Enjoy her photos below of her and Zac Efron in Hawaii taken on the 31st of August 2007. Of course Vanessa Hudgens is wearing a bikini on the beach and is not naked. the nude photos in the previous link up top…

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    2. […] We’re going old skool in this latest pinay update and avoiding talk of scandals or nudity. This next famous Filipina has an interesting story. Isabel Preysler ArrĂ¡stia was born on February 18, 1951 in the middle-class neighborhood of San Lorenzo, Manila, Philippines, the third of six children to a middle-class Filipino family. Her nickname as a child was “Chabeli”, which would later be the nickname of her first child. According to the book “Reina de Corazones” by Paloma Barrientos, she dated Gregorio Araneta, Charlie Lopez, and Bobby Santos, among others, as a teenager. Her older brother Enrique died in Hong Kong due to a heroine overdose. She named her second son Enrique Iglesias, in honor of her deceased brother. Joaquin, her second oldest brother, also had problems with drugs, but overcame them and now lives in Canada. During her youth, Isabel participated in a charity beauty pageant for the Sheraton Hotel in Manila and was crowned queen. Jun Ikalav, a playboy with a bad reputation, started dating Isabel. This worried her parents, and at the age of 18, she was sent to live in Madrid with her uncle and aunt to study at Mary Ward College, an Irish Catholic university in Spain, where she studied Accounting. It was at a party in 1970 that she was introduced to a family friend by the name of Julio Iglesias, who at the time was not yet a famous singer. The couple had their wedding just seven months later and were married for seven years, during which time they had three children, Chabeli, Julio Jr. and Enrique. In accordance with their rising careers, Julio as a singer, and Isabel as a model in Spain and Europe, they exploded onto the scene in 1971 and became overnight superstars in Spain and Latin America. […]

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