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Vanessa Hudgens Nude

September 7, 2007 on 1:33 pm | In Pinay Actress | Vanessa Hudgens Nude

Oh no! Vanessa what were you thinking?!? There goes your clean and pure image?! Damn why? Vanessa Hudgens nude has sent the web by storm. This pinay scandal (a pinay is a Filipina girl) has been going through the airwaves and fans all over the world are shocked.

Vanessa Hudgens nude photos are popping up all over the internet. A new series of photos have come out that show the Vanessa Hudgens in several stages of undress while she works her way down to nothing but her birthday suit. In other pictures she is can be seen in white panties on a bed. She also appears in a black lingerie set as well. This latest find flies in the face of those who speculated why Vanessa was so quick to come clean about the webs current most sought after photo. As soon as the naked Vanessa pictures began stuffing inboxes and appeared on websites all over the world, there was intense argument that the photos might have been a fake or even photoshopped. The photos were first reported of their existence by the National Enquirer.
Vanessa Hudgens’ representative has confirmed that a nude photo circulating on the Internet is indeed the 18-year-old star of Disney Channel’s wildly popular “High School Musical” series. “This was a photo which was taken privately,” a statement from a Hudgens spokesman. “It is a personal matter and it is unfortunate that this has become public.” The photo shows the 18-year-old actress standing naked in what appears to be a bathroom, with a red shower curtain behind her. There was no immediate comment Friday from officials at the Walt Disney Co. Vanessa Hudgens portrayed Gabriella, the brainy love interest of Zac Efron in the first two “High School Musical” movies. The two are said to be dating in real life. “High School Musical 2″ attracted more than 17 million viewers for its Disney Channel premiere in August, the most-watched television program of the summer. A feature film “High School Musical 3″ is planned. She joins the ranks like Vanessa Minnillo, another pinay who caused an uproar in her scandal with Nick Lachey. Vanessa has apologised for the photos. But why is she apologizing? Everyone loved those pics of yours! And don’t worry for your Brainy Gabriella role, Disney have no plans to throw you out from ‘High School Musical 3.’ Vanessa Hudgens nude photos after the click.

Another Set of Vanessa Hudgens Pretty Photos:

Vanessa Photos in Bikini

Other Vanessa Hudgens Sexy Bikini Photos

Vanessa Hudgens‘ Music Videos:

“You Are The Music In Me” featuring Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa performing “Say Ok” and “Come Back to Me”

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    1. Vanessa Hudgens said: “I want to apologize to my fans, whose support and trust means the world to me. I am embarrassed over this situation and regret having ever taken these photos . I am thankful for the support of my family and friends.”

      Comment by Vanessa Hudgens — September 8, 2007 #

    2. […] This scandal with Vanessa Hudgens’ naked photos has rocked the online world. Her nude photos have done the rounds… she has even released a statement to apologise but there are rumours flying around the fandom community that loves Vanessa Hudgens to death. The actors, including Hudgens is discussing their contracts for High School Musical 3. Even though Disney is saying they fully back Vanessa I wonder if the negotiations will simply “break down” and then replace her… since Disney would absolutely love to keep their wholesome family image clean. Whatever happens to her now remains a mystery. She has received a massive amount of publicity… she can do whatever she wants to make money from that… either going down a line of different kinds of movies… Or maybe have an attitude like Scarlett Johansson (being open minded). Enjoy her photos below of her and Zac Efron in Hawaii taken on the 31st of August 2007. […]

      Pingback by Pinay Pix » Vanessa Hudgens Naked — September 8, 2007 #

    3. nice tits ;)

      Comment by Taylor — September 8, 2007 #

    4. thanks vanessa, now I don’t need to imagine you naked, but why did you censor it?!?!?!?!!? lol.

      Comment by yowhatsup — September 8, 2007 #

    5. […] So Vanessa Hudgens’ nude photos have been broadcast the world over. What next? We know she can sing well. She looks great in a bikini. Disney are backing her. There are rumours Disney is dropping her. But think about this. Keira Knightley of Pirates of the Carribean fame, a movie backed by Disney, has done topless movies before, when she was younger, I think she was under 18 when she did them, but topless nonetheless. But then again, that wasn’t scandalous like this one. Now another question is, where’s the Vanessa Hudgens sex tape? If she’s taking photos of her self buck naked to a boyfriend… that’s supposed to mean that she is sexually active. Does that fall in line with Disney’s pure, innocent, no sex before marriage image? Maybe not. Look at Paris Hilton. No one cares if she has a nipple slip here or there. No one cares if she’s doing another nude photoshoot. Her sex tape is floating around the web - her boyfriend is even doing the rounds selling their sextape. On the other hand, she may have released the photos herself as a publicity stunt - or to just get out of the clean Disney image. So will Vanessa Hudgens ever have a sex tape? Maybe not, but I’ve seen stranger things happen. The photos of Vanessa below are from the Hair Spray movie premiere in Sydney. They are her most recent, just taken last Wednesday on the 5th September 2007. They are high resolution photos, you can zoom up to her eyes in detail. Enjoy. […]

      Pingback by Pinay Pix » Vanessa Hudgens Sex Tape — September 8, 2007 #

    6. what’s the big deal?
      just another wet back that swam into our country
      when the rio grande was low.
      AND…………….this is no beauty queen.
      when she attains her 21st birthday she may have grown a woman’s body……until then…I PASS

      Comment by mike hammer — September 8, 2007 #

    7. well lets not be so racist you dumb jerk she isn’t even Mexican and she is pretty. Racist jerks like you are the ones who should be working our fields and picking vegetables out of the ground. You are a dumb bitch.

      Comment by Mike Pancho — September 8, 2007 #

    8. Notice all disney girls end up whores? geez. i think disney has some cleaning up to do. Either way i never liked her, and my daughter stated she will never watch high school musical again either. When will skanky girls learn? no matter who you are, you dont take nude pics of yourself and then post them online, DUH ppl will see them!!! is intelligence being taught in school anymore?

      Comment by Tara — September 8, 2007 #

    9. i told you guys that she was a hoe srry for my french ashley should go out with zac and why is she doing nude pictures for him he isn’t going to hang them on the wall so if thats the case just have sex and that would be pravite

      Comment by door — September 8, 2007 #

    10. I can’t stand how people label others if they take pictures of their nude body, It’s natural. I’m not a nudist but i can’t stand how people judge so much. And i also think her face and body are beautiful.

      Comment by Tony — September 9, 2007 #

    11. […] The Vanessa Hudgens scandal with her naked photos has been running for a week now. It hotted up during the weekend but the news is settling down. Here is a YouTube interview of Vanessa Hudgens’ boyfriend Zac Efron is asked about the Vanessa nude photo scandal in Australia (They’re both here on the promotions tour for Hairspray) on the 2DAY FM Sydney radio show “Kyle and Jackie O.” He also discussed Nikki Blonsky, John Travolta, his mom’s interest in psychic phenomena and more! […]

      Pingback by Pinay Pix » Vanessa Hudgens Scandal — September 9, 2007 #

    12. wow i honestly can’t believe half the stuff i jsut read, you guys are ridiculous. vanessa isn’t a slut. she’s a teenage girl who is having fun and its no one else’s business. she didn’t post them online herself either(like she wanted this to happen). just because she’s on disney doesn’t mean she has to act like a 12 year old forever. And uh Tara, i’d have to ask what school you went to after the way you just typed so i’m wondering if intelligence was taught at your school. i think vanessa’s hot and i say power to her

      Comment by Amy — September 10, 2007 #

    13. […] I’m not sure whether to believe the new stories coming out or not. Has Vanessa Hudgens been naughty all along? A Naughty Vanessa Hudgens? I’m not a believer. But we’ve seen her nude, and that totally came from nowhere. The news says this on the topic of Vanessa’s nude photo scandal - there are more exposed videos and a sex video. A source said that the footage and the photos were sent to Vanessa’s one-time co-star Drake Bell way before she was famous. Bell’s representative Jill Fritzo released a statement that Bell “says he never received those photos”. The sex video is claimed to be a forty-five second clip that is predicted taken by a phone-camera has now erupted online dubbed ‘Open Me First’. The clip shows Vanessa sitting in front of a Christmas tree wearing only a Santa hat, pasties to cover her breasts and a red thong with mistletoe decoration. Slowly Vanessa took off her ‘attributes’ one by one and murmured “I want Santa come up my chimney because I’ve been a good little girl this year.’ at the end of her ’striptease’. Bell is claimed to have received the video via e-mail but once again a rep denied the issue. “Drake never opened the video - first, last, or otherwise,” said a representative. “He learned his lesson about opening email attachments, even from people he knows intimately.” Vanessa played Bell’s girlfriend on his Nickelodeon show in 2006. She is currently dating her High School Musical co-star Zac Efron who has not made any statement regarding his girlfriend’s controversial photos. […]

      Pingback by Pinay Pix » Naughty Vanessa Hudgens — September 11, 2007 #

    14. uhh…who took the pic’s??….zack efron lmao!!

      Comment by dH;KMJGLK — September 11, 2007 #

    15. Hey Vanessa dont worry, im sure the fans will support you no matter what, I know I do.

      Comment by JWVR — September 12, 2007 #

    16. I must say, everyone that is arguing over this in comments, get over it. She’s absolutely beautiful, and a great actress at that. Whether she’s taken nude photos or not, you don’t have to look at them. Obviously you’re choosing to be here. Her body is beautiful. I’m not saying this to be creepy or anything, but don’t you think that’s it’s amazing how beautiful a human body really is? If she’d taken these photos just because she could, like Pete Wentz did, you wouldn’t make a big deal out of it then. Really, think about it. And just because she’s a Disney actress, you’re being discrimanitory. I may only be a 13 year old girl, who’s going to listen? But I’m obviously more sensible than most of you.

      Comment by Brittany Bryar — September 17, 2007 #

    17. […] Finally, just thinking about the aftermath… was the whole thing a big publicity stunt by Vanessa Hudgens? The whole internet was enthralled by Vanessa’s Nude photos with search engines going nuts with the Vanessa Hudgens hype. […]

      Pingback by Pinay Pix » Naughty Vanessa Hudgens — September 20, 2007 #

    18. is intelligence being taught in school anymore?

      hahaha. the most ignorant thing i have heard this week.

      Do you know the amount of couples in American suburbia who video themselves? or play kinky sex games? no one has any right to judge vanessa for a few innocent photos. They were private and harmless. The true villains are the right wing prudes who find sex and the expression thereof so threatening and terrifying that their immediate reaction is to condemn anything that clashes with their fantastically narrow worldview. God wants you to have fun! that being said, this scandal really made my day.

      Comment by brian — September 23, 2007 #

    19. thats something that happend in the past and its a learning process. She is beautiful anyway.

      Comment by sammy — September 26, 2007 #

    20. i have difrint opinions about he hole situation. its kinda shockin shes on disney channel &&then this happens but what do u expect we all screw up
      sometimes. its just too bad for vanessa that the medias gonna make more out of this than it is. she said sorry thats all she can do. she cant erase time and not take the pictures. i dont support vanessa and im not against her. & i dont think any of u should either

      Comment by Olivia — October 6, 2007 #

    21. wtf r u talking bout her tits r nice

      Comment by anthony — October 8, 2007 #

    22. nice tits vaneesa i luv u so much mwa xxxxx
      i luv u more than eny 1 els mwa luv u

      Comment by daniel — October 12, 2007 #

    23. IM a big fan of vanessa and im still am..and i do understand why she was doing what she did..its not a bad thing to do this stuff if it is meant for the ones you truly love…the person who post her picture at the net should be killed…

      Comment by dark teddy — October 14, 2007 #

    24. solo quiero decir q vanessa es una puta perra

      Comment by alejandra — October 16, 2007 #

    25. hey Mike Hammer
      brilliant comments?, you are an idiot.
      a wet back is a Mexican. If you could read you would see she is Philippine American and is born and raised in America. Stupidity must run in your family

      Comment by jim — November 26, 2007 #

    26. vanessa me desepicionaste nunca pense esto de vos desnuda te estas pasando de la raya tene mas cuidado por favor aora la cinceridad es importante aora em esta gustando belinda es la emjor chau es lo unico que te queria decir

      Comment by lourdes colmenares — March 5, 2008 #

    27. nude photo’s aint a private thing, specially with actors and actresses. Even the Disney guys. Well it would be a lot different if it was her pussy that was shown. Those are after all private parts.
      I think pinay’s have tasty bodies. It must be in their genes.

      Comment by George Uy — March 26, 2008 #

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