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Vanessa Hudgens Sex Tape

September 8, 2007 on 1:24 pm | In Pinay Actress | Vanessa Hudgens Sex Tape

So Vanessa Hudgens’ nude photos have been broadcast the world over. What next? We know she can sing well. She looks great in a bikini. Disney are backing her. There are rumours Disney is dropping her. But think about this. Keira Knightley of Pirates of the Carribean fame, a movie backed by Disney, has done topless movies before, when she was younger, I think she was under 18 when she did them, but topless nonetheless. But then again, that wasn’t scandalous like this one. Now another question is, where’s the Vanessa Hudgens sex tape? If she’s taking photos of her self buck naked to a boyfriend… that’s supposed to mean that she is sexually active. Does that fall in line with Disney’s pure, innocent, no sex before marriage image? Maybe not. Look at Paris Hilton. No one cares if she has a nipple slip here or there. No one cares if she’s doing another nude photoshoot. Her sex tape is floating around the web - her boyfriend is even doing the rounds selling their sextape. On the other hand, she may have released the photos herself as a publicity stunt - or to just get out of the clean Disney image. So will Vanessa Hudgens ever have a sex tape? Maybe not, but I’ve seen stranger things happen. The photos of Vanessa below are from the Hair Spray movie premiere in Sydney. They are her most recent, just taken last Wednesday on the 5th September 2007. They are high resolution photos, you can zoom up to her eyes in detail. Enjoy.

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    1. come on vanessa you had to now this would get out why even take pictures of yourself nude. you have no privacy so what makes you think they wouldn’t get out. i am 20 and i am very disapointed about this i loved that movie but that is wrong. you should now better then that.

      Comment by shelly — September 8, 2007 #

    2. Come on Shelly, you had to know someone was going to comment on that horrific grammer and spelling. You should know better than that: know is spelled with a k. And have you heard of a question mark?

      Comment by not shelly — December 17, 2007 #

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