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Swish Hip Hop Dance Group

October 4, 2007 on 2:35 pm | In Pinay Entertainer |

Swish is a Sydney based Australian-Filipino Hip Hop dance group formed in early 2007. They love to express their energy on the dance floor in a funky, edgy in-your face manner thats is highly entertaining to the audience. They love dancing, being silly and having fun with the whole experience. The dance group is self-choreographed, by various members in the crew. It takes Swish takes about 1.5 months to choreograph one dance with training run twice a week, to get a whole hip hop dance routine down pat. They have about 12 members, and performing in the video below were: Jessica, Deanna, Roni,  Mel, Cyndi, Wilfred, Ray, Gabe, Jason. The video was shot at the Grand Philippine Fiesta Sydney 2007 where they came first in the dancing competition.

The music for Swish was mixed by an ex-member called Ariya aka DJ R.E.R. The average age of their hip hop dance group is around 20. They may be performing in a dance competition called “Looze Control” early next year. Gabriel formed the group, asking around and seeing who was interested in dancing and then they all got together and they’ve been a happy family since.

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