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Bambi Francisco Business Entrepreneur

September 17, 2007 on 8:18 pm | In Pinay Entrepreneurs | Bambi Francisco

Putting all those Pinay Models, Actresses and celebrities, we have our first Filipina business entrepreneur to feature on PinayPix. Bambi Francisco is an Internet entrepreneur, she recently launched an internet video startup company called Vator which focuses on elevator pitches. She also maintains a blog. Why did she start Vator? This is what Bambi says: “ began as a little garage project that I started last year to help me vet startups’ pitches and to give exposure to those I’d invariably overlook as a columnist.

“I mentioned the idea to Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and manager of the $2 billion hedge fund Clarium Capital. Peter saw value in such a vetting mechanism, and he asked if he could invest. I told Peter that it was just an experiment at the time. But if the platform reached 50 videos, then perhaps it was worth investing in. Peter currently owns less than 5%. This was the genesis of, whose name is short for “innovator” or “elevator” (as in “elevator pitch”), and which today is a very small, non-revenue-generating asset.”

Bambi Francisco is a former syndicated columnist and correspondent for Dow Jones MarketWatch. She covered Internet trends and investments across the public and private sectors. Her newsletter subscriber base reached more than 400,000 subscribers. She started her career at MarketWatch in 1999, as Internet editor and morning business anchor for KPIX, a CBS affiliate. At the time, MarketWatch was owned by CBS. She left MarketWatch in April 2007 to manage her internet startup full-time. Enjoy the photos of Bambi, The entrepreneurial Filipina.

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