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Cristina De La Diosa

August 29, 2007 on 2:43 pm | In Pinay Model | Cristina De La Diosa

Cristina de la Diosa is a Hawaii based pinay model with a Portuguese, Filipino-Chinese background. She grew up in UK and Hawaii and she is now a full time model. This is her interview: So what do you want to take your career in terms of modelling, acting or performing?

Cristina de la Diosa: I want to reach a higher level of success in my career and be able to get contracted for my modeling career. I am pretty open to all kinds of projects that are good for my talents. I am hoping to sign up with a well represented agency abroad to represent me and be able to work with me and take me to another level and be seen all over the world. I worked very hard and am a perfectionist. I expect a lot out of myself and to hopefully be able to produce high quality work to my clients. I hope to be as successful as Supermodel Gisele who is so well known nationwide. She is a great model who has a beauty of a woman both in and out. That is something I love about her.

In terms of acting, I would like to be seen on a big TV screen in Hollywood one day. Haha… I know it sounds like a dream but acting is something that has always been inside me since I was little. I have always been performing on stage in school when I was little. I love to sing, draw, act, dance, take pictures and be in front of the camera. I love music so much that I must listen to music wherever I go and if I don’t have it, I don’t feel right. I cant live without music and I love guitar and piano. Even when I was little, I have always told my mom that I must be a musician in my past life since I love music so much. And because of my active personality and being the sign of a Leo, I have followed my heart to do what I have always wanted to do when I was little and I am having fun doing what I am doing. I just love it. I am very blessed to be able to do what is in my heart and thank god for giving me this opportunity. Sounds like you might want to try out American Idol.

Cristina de la Diosa: No, I would never try out for American Idol. So what have you achieved so far in your career?

Cristina de la Diosa: I am writing some songs and hopefully it will get picked up. Also, I’ve just finished working on a music video of J Michaels Band which is going to be air over Asia and Europe. On the other hand, I am going to be on a TV show in the mainland where they are featuring me as a model who cooks on Taste TV showing along with my success in my modeling career. And there are a few more TV show projects that are still in the works. Despite from all the work that I had done, they are all in production and the tear sheets won’t come out not until in a couple of months. In addition, I am also starting up my own line of business. Stay tuned for more information. What’s your fave food?

Cristina de la Diosa: Thai and Vietnamese What is your favourite place?

Cristina de la Diosa: Italy and Paris Where have you been?

Cristina de la Diosa: I’ve traveled to Paris, Sweden, Finland, UK, Brussels, Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Washington, Florida, Wisconsin, Chicago, Illinois, Guam, Maui, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan. Where would you like to visit?
Cristina de la Diosa: I want to travel to Italy, Greece, Egypt, Germany, and Poland How about Australia or Philippines?

Cristina de la Diosa: Haha…Australia and Philippines haha…I will probably go there when I get jobs or after I hit the places I really want to go first. Don’t get me wrong, I actually want to travel around the world and I’m hoping one day, it will allow me to do that and enjoy life. : ) Favourite music?

Cristina de la Diosa: Blues, Jazz, House, Classical and Piano If you want to have dinner with 5 famous people who would they be (celebs now and in the past, famous historical figures) :

Cristina de la Diosa: Brad Pitt, David Bechkam, Cameron Diaz, Elvis Presley, and Angelina Jolie Thank-you

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