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Steffiana de la Cruz

September 14, 2007 on 6:10 pm | In Pinay Model | Steffiana de la Cruz

Ha! Need to veer away from Vanessa Hudgens to a totally different pinay - a model, and a parent to two children Steffiana de la Cruz. There isn’t much information to be gathered about her. She was born as Stephanie Anna Zantua and is a Filipino-American. She met actor Kevin James on a blind date in late 2001/2002, and moved in with him within three months. The couple married on June 19, 2004. They have two daughters: Sienna-Marie (born September 30, 2005) and Shea Joelle (born June 14, 2007). She made four guest appearances on King of Queens, a long-lived sitcom in which her husband starred. She played a masseuse in Eddie Money (originally aired May 13, 2002); a female golf instructor in “Damned Yanky” (originally aired February 18, 2004); a manicurist in “Black List” (originally aired March 16, 2005); and lastly a bartender in “Affair Trade” (originally aired December 6, 2006).She dated and lived with the late actor Chris Penn from 1993-1999.

In July 2007, Kevin James was talking to David Letterman about his wife, Steffiana De La Cruz: “My wife does the breastfeeding, thank God. It’s awkward because at night the baby will sleep with us and my wife will leave in the middle of the night and right after the breastfeeding and the baby’s still hungry and she’ll roll over and just look at me. I’m like, ‘No, no. These don’t function.’ She doesn’t believe me. She’s just looking at me like, ‘If you don’t want to give me any, that’s fine. Those are bigger than mom’s.” He went on to say that Steffiana’s breasts are quite sore from breast feeding - is nothing sacred! He said a nurse suggested that she should put a bag of popsicles in her bra to help relieve the soreness. Kevin immediately thought,”Wow! Now I really wanna get in there. There’s no better combination in the world than a boob and a popsicle.”

The photos of Steffiana below were taken at the Evan Almighty World Premiere Universal City, California on the 10th June 2007. You can see Steffiana De La Cruz, seen here with husband King of Queens star Kevin James

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