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Vanessa Minnillo High Resolution Photos

May 12, 2007 on 2:38 pm | In Pinay TV Personality | Vanessa Minnillo

Enjoy these high resolution photos of Vanessa Minnillo! The photos are from an internet website called Bongo and their website also has a Behind the Scenes video of the photoshoot. The website interviewed 26 year old Miss Vanessa Minnillo. She claims to be an Air Force Brat, 8 different schools for the first 9 years of school. Lived the longest in Charleston, SC where she went to high school. Her daytime gig is the New York correspondent for ET! and co-host of MTV’s “TRL”. She is currently listening to Robin Thickle. Vanessa Minnillo’s secret obsession: “Dancing around my apartment when no one’s there. And of course here comes the product endosement: Vanessa’s fave shoes: “Bongo’s Spring collection - there’s something for every mood I’m in.”

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