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April 21, 2008 on 6:44 pm | In Pinay Actress, Pinay Model, Pinay TV Personality, Pinay Entertainer, Pinay Entrepreneurs | Add Your Comment

We’re back in action. We were out of action and now we’re back in the groove. So let’s have a look at the famous Filipinas we’ve covered here in Pinay Pix over the year or so. I’ll also include some other Filipina’s (Philipinas for those who can’t spell) whom we haven’t covered yet. This list of Filipinas of celebrity status include people who have made a name for themselves internationally.
Top 10 Famous Filipinas

  1. Imelda Marcos - Imelda is arguably the most famous Filipina in the planet.  Famed for her large shoe collection and her notorious dictator-husband she is loved and hated by Filipinos worldwide.
  2. Lea Salonga - Lea is a Filipino household name, say her name and every Filipino can tell you who she is and why shes famous. She is famous for playing Kim in the Broadway-hit Miss Saigon.
  3. Isabel Preysler - Mother of Enrique Igesias, wife of Julio Iglesias.
  4. Vanessa Hudgens - Star of hit disney movie series High School Musical
  5. Leah Dizon - model and J-pop singer, made a name for herself in Japan
  6. Vanessa Minillo - Don’t know what she’s up to nowadays, but according to some sources she will start shooting the movie “Redefining Love” in April 2008.
  7. Nicole Scherzinger - Lead singer of Pussy Cat Dolls.
  8. Tia Carrera - A Hollywood actress. (e.g. Wayne’s World, True Lies)
  9. Phoebe Cates - Hollywood starlet from the 1980’s. (e.g. “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”)
  10. Cassie Ventura - A singer who made top of the charts back in 2006. She is best known for her single “Me & U”, which became a hit in 2006. Is going to release anotehr album around September 2008.

Isabel Preysler

September 16, 2007 on 8:14 pm | In Pinay Model, Pinay TV Personality | Add Your Comment Isabel Preysler

We’re going old skool in this latest pinay update and avoiding talk of scandals or nudity. This next famous Filipina has an interesting story. She is Enrique Iglesias’ (yes that famous singer’s) mother: Isabel Preysler Arrástia was born on February 18, 1951 in the middle-class neighborhood of San Lorenzo, Manila, Philippines, the third of six children to a middle-class Filipino family. Her nickname as a child was “Chabeli”, which would later be the nickname of her first child. According to the book “Reina de Corazones” by Paloma Barrientos, she dated Gregorio Araneta, Charlie Lopez, and Bobby Santos, among others, as a teenager. Her older brother Enrique died in Hong Kong due to a heroine overdose. She named her second son Enrique Iglesias, in honor of her deceased brother. Joaquin, her second oldest brother, also had problems with drugs, but overcame them and now lives in Canada. During her youth, Isabel participated in a charity beauty pageant for the Sheraton Hotel in Manila and was crowned queen. Jun Ikalav, a playboy with a bad reputation, started dating Isabel. This worried her parents, and at the age of 18, she was sent to live in Madrid with her uncle and aunt to study at Mary Ward College, an Irish Catholic university in Spain, where she studied Accounting. It was at a party in 1970 that she was introduced to a family friend by the name of Julio Iglesias, who at the time was not yet a famous singer. The couple had their wedding just seven months later and were married for seven years, during which time they had three children, Chabeli, Julio Jr. and Enrique. In accordance with their rising careers, Julio as a singer, and Isabel as a model in Spain and Europe, they exploded onto the scene in 1971 and became overnight superstars in Spain and Latin America.

Often dubbed “La Perla de Manila” by the Spanish media (”The Pearl of Manila”), readers at Hola magazine have voted Isabel Preya as the most elegant and best-dressed woman in Spain for 1991, 2002, and 2004, and she has consistently topped the best-dressed lists over the years in various Spanish magazines. Preysler is noted for conserving her beauty in spite of her age. She, her family, and her home are frequent presences in Spanish magazines. She also helps participate in events for the Philippine Embassy in Madrid. The above photo features Isabel Preya and George Clooney (who has a large following in Latin America). Enjoy the various photos of Isabel Preysler below. Continue reading Isabel Preysler…

Cher Calvin

September 5, 2007 on 4:09 pm | In Pinay TV Personality | Add Your Comment Cher Calvin

From models and singers we move on to this pinay newscaster. Cher Calvin is a Phil-Am (Philiipine American) news anchor at KTLA and is seen on the KTLA Morning News: First/Early Edition,” Monday through Friday, 5 to 7 a.m. She is a former Miss New York runner up. Calvin joined KTLA/CW from Las Vegas’ Fox affiliate KVVU where she co-anchored the station’s “FOX5 News This Morning.” From 1998 to 2003 in Manila, Philippines, Cher Calvin served as news anchor and features reporter at GMA, Channel 7, followed by anchor, host and reporter positions at ABS-CBN, Channel 2, the country’s largest television network, where she received two Golden Dove Awards, the Philippines’ Emmy Awards equivalent, for her work. Cher Calvin is a broadcast journalism graduate from New York University, Calvin had her first job in the news business in New York where she simultaneously worked as news desk assistant editor at TIME Magazine and assignment desk assistant at CNN. Also, in New York, she served as editor-in-chief of
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Vanessa Minnillo Nude

September 5, 2007 on 3:46 pm | In Pinay TV Personality | 1 Comment Vanessa Minnillo Nude

You think you may have seen Vanessa Minnillo nude before with the see-thru dress at the 2004 MTV awards. But in July 2007, provocative photos of Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey were published in Life & Style Weekly magazine revealing nudity and intimate relations during their 1-year anniversary vacation to Mexico. These photos were the hottest thing on the web, people were searching for the Vanessa and Nick scandal photos, but all they found were these distorted and grainy photos of Minnillo and Lachey on their holiday. Not too good for quality but scandalous photos of Vanessa Minnillo nude nonetheless. Nothing beautiful about these - but it does make for good celebrity publicity.
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Vanessa Minnillo Supporting Breast Cancer Research

June 26, 2007 on 9:30 pm | In Pinay TV Personality | Add Your Comment Vanessa Minnillo Breast

Vanessa Minnillo Supporting Breast Cancer Research Foundation at the Woldorf Astoria in New York City Hot Pink Party Goes Cool Party on April 24, 2007.

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Vanessa Minnillo Flirts With You!

June 19, 2007 on 3:58 pm | In Pinay TV Personality | 1 Comment Vanessa Minnillo Flirt!

There has been some bad press about Vanessa Minnillo lately due to the party photos with Lindsay Lohan. Ms Minnillo has also been in talks with producers about putting together a “reality-style” show to document her daily life. The photos of Vanessa below are from the celebration of the launch of her line of Flirt! Cosmetics, where she is a guest designer. The launch was held in SoHo at the Big Drop New York City at June 12, 2007 in New York City. She’s the guest designer at Flirt! cosmetics, a lower-end line aimed at teen girls and sold at Kohl’s department stores; the products she helped create will be available this August. She had been the host of MTV’s Total Request Live (TRL) but had announced back in April that she was leaving. Her contract with Entertainment Tonight (ET) had not been renewed this Spring. Minnillo appears on the July cover of shopping bible Lucky, telling the magazine: “I try out so many different looks, but I’m constantly thinking about being comfortable, and I never experiment with more than one trend at once.”

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Sexy Vanessa Minnillo

June 5, 2007 on 5:02 pm | In Pinay TV Personality | 1 Comment Sexy Vanessa Minnillo

You want to hear some gossip about Vanessa Minnillo? Well first, let me congratulate her on a great job on hosting Miss Universe 2007! We loved her dresses. Although that Miss USA took the spotlight when that short video clip of her falling and recovering quickly was shown all over the world. Anyway, We have three sets of photos for you below. The first is from “The Candie’s Foundation 4th Annual “The event to prevent” at Cipriani 42nd Street, NYC on May 10, 2007. Next is some screencaps of her hosting MTV’s TRL with a clingy tight green top… definitely a little cold in the studio don’t you think? The third series is involved with her gossip piece… Who is that? Why its Lindsay Lohan posing with knives with… who’s that new best friend? OMG! It’s Vanessa! The photo were reportedly taken last year.

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Vanessa Minnillo High Resolution Photos

May 12, 2007 on 2:38 pm | In Pinay TV Personality | Add Your Comment Vanessa Minnillo

Enjoy these high resolution photos of Vanessa Minnillo! The photos are from an internet website called Bongo and their website also has a Behind the Scenes video of the photoshoot. The website interviewed 26 year old Miss Vanessa Minnillo. She claims to be an Air Force Brat, 8 different schools for the first 9 years of school. Lived the longest in Charleston, SC where she went to high school. Her daytime gig is the New York correspondent for ET! and co-host of MTV’s “TRL”. She is currently listening to Robin Thickle. Vanessa Minnillo’s secret obsession: “Dancing around my apartment when no one’s there. And of course here comes the product endosement: Vanessa’s fave shoes: “Bongo’s Spring collection - there’s something for every mood I’m in.”
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Vanessa Minnillo Candid Photo

March 21, 2007 on 5:11 pm | In Pinay TV Personality | 1 Comment Vanessa Minnillo Candid

See pinay, Vanessa Minnillo in this Candid Photo taken last August at LAX (Los Angeles Airport). Vanessa is a host on MTV TRL and is also a reporter for Entertainment Tonight (ET). I think she was either with her bodyguard or minder in these candid airport photos.
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Vanessa Minnillo

March 8, 2007 on 4:15 pm | In Pinay TV Personality | 2 Comments Vanessa Minnillo

Vanessa Minnillo was born on November 9, 1980, at Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines. She was born to Vince Minnillo (Irish and Italian background) and to Helen Berecero a Filipina (Pinay). Vanessa has an older brother, Vincent and together they lived in USA (California, Nevada, Florida), Germany, and Japan before settling down in Charleston, South Carolina. Minnillo’s parents divorced in 1986 and Helen awarded custody of the children. When the mother remarried, the family moved to Turkey where her new stepfather, a U.S. Air Force Serviceman, was assigned. In 1990 they were forced to evacuate and they returned to USA. Vanessa Minnillo’s mother left them and never returned. Helen, her mother returned to live with her brother with Vince (her Dad) with his new wife Donna.
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